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Fences. Fences provide an effective privacy barrier between you and your neighbors. At WorkingStiffs we believe a quality fence can not only provide that privacy, but also greatly enhance your yard and compliment the features of your yard. We are qualified to do any style of Fence you can imagine, whether it be horizontal or vertical boards.



Decks and pergolas. A great deck can create a whole new living space for you and your family. When it comes to decks, our first priority is the safety of you and yours. We conform to the codes and standards and ensure the you can enjoy your new living space with piece of mind.



Retaining walls. Retaining walls serve many purposes. Whether it is to even the grade of a sloped yard or to enhance the look of your yard, stone and wood retaining walls provide a functional and aesthetic feature to your yard. There is a great selection of stone to choose from, our experts will help you through the process.



Garden beds. We use only the highest quality soil and garden edging to create our garden beds. Our experts are knowledgable in the types of plants that can survive in different lighting and wind conditions. We will work together with you to ensure your favorite plants are in the right location.



Mulch and aggregate. Aggregate stones, decorative stones, and mulch are the perfect low cost solution for high traffic or utility areas in your yard. One thing to consider when choosing between mulch or decorative stone for an area of your yard, is that mulch will need to be refreshed every 3-4 years.


A common shortcut many companies make is to use low quality landscape fabric or no fabric at all. At WorkingStiffs we use the thickest available landscape fabric to restrict weed growth. We install it professionally using fabric pins to ensure it does not slide around over time or show through.



Interlocking stone patios/paths. WorkingStiffs specializes in creating the highest quality interlocking stone patios. All of our stone patios and paths include an 8 inch compacted gravel base. We take very careful steps to ensure all patios we build are properly and evenly sloped to ensure no pooling of water and subsequent sinking of the patio.



Flagstone and natural stone patios/paths. Flagstone patios and paths are a great way to incorporate the benefits of a hardscape patio into your yard, while still maintaining a more natural,  rustic look. Choosing between precast flagstone blocks, or natural stone, we can advise you on what fits best in your yard.



Sodding. At WorkingStiffs we only use the highest quality, fresh bluegrass sod. All of our sod is installed with a sprinkle of root growth promoting fertilizers to ensure your new lawn grows in faster and more lush.



Outdoor landscape lights. Your yard deserves to be enjoyed and admired at night time just as much as during the day! Landscape lights are a perfect way to illuminate the beauty of your yard as well as to allow you to use your yard more effectively at night! Here at WorkingStiffs we take care of all the wiring and set up of your landscape lights so that you can sit back and enjoy your yard any time of day!




403.402.1234 | info@WORKINGSTIFFS.ca